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The Young Films Foundation is a talent development scheme that aims to find and aid a new generation of Scottish screenwriting talent, to connect them with key players in the UK film & TV industry including mentors, inspiring experts and commissioners. This will be the 4th edition of the programme and will run from September 2023 to November 2024

The programme provides the successful Scottish screenwriterspaid script commission from an established UK broadcaster for a feature film or TV drama or comedy. Each participant will be mentored by an experienced scriptwriter during a year of script development (supplemented by a programme of in-person events and online masterclasses) with the broadcaster and delivers a first draft script ahead of an intensive week’s residency on Skye in September 2024

On Skye participants will work on their scripts with established writers, directors, producers and meet with film and television experts. The activities combine writing workshops, presentations and screenings with filming and editing sessions with actors and a small film crew in the studio. They will use these to prepare and present a formal pitch to experts and commissioners at the end of residency. Two months later the broadcaster takes delivery of the final script and each project either goes into further development or production with the broadcaster or goes into turnaround. In the case of the latter each participant retains the rights in the script