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Mentored for a week by some of Europe and the UK's leading writers, producers and directors in the TV and Film industry, 6 candidates, new and upcoming Scottish talent, were given this unique opportunity to discover how they can fulfil their creative potential.


What we are looking for is ambitious new talent. We want to connect up and coming screenwriters in Scotland with the big business.

Chris Young, YFF Founder

Any scheme which brings together screenwriters from diverse backgrounds has remarkable potential. When you infuse ideas with depth, clarity and complexity magical things can happen, especially in such a rich hands-on context like this. 

Francesca Gardiner, Screenwriter

Training and education is so rare in this industry somehow people are expected to know everything from the beginning. This is a unique opportunity to learn what otherwise might take years to discover.

Jonny Campbell, Director

It is very egalitarian, there is no sense of ‘us’ and ‘them’, everyone learns together.

Dan MacRae, Senior Vice President


If we are to make a success of the film and TV industry in Scotland it’s got to come from the talent. It’s about helping people to develop and be nurtured here and to stay here.

Isabel Davies, Executive Director

Screen Scotland

Having the chance to be exposed to a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds I think is very useful no matter where you are in your career path.

Liz Lewin, Executive Producer

 Sky Drama

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