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Attending Our Residency
Givin a Guest lecture
Industry Networking

Attending our Residency

How best to prepare?

Who will be there?

Giving a Guest Lecture/ Masterclass

Masterclasses and guest lectures will take place on zoom in the lead up to the residency. There will also be several live masterclasses during the week-long residency on the Isle of Skye.

If you work in the Film and TV industry and are interested in giving a lecture or a masterclass please get in touch.

Industry Networking

This is a unique opportunity to network with some of the UK's leading Film and TV talent. 

Learn more about who will be joining us in this year's YFF. 

I’ve been really struck by the question of proximity and what that does to the industry and what that does to the opportunities of up and comers.

Opportunities that are on the doorstep of Film and TV makers in London aren’t as available in Scotland. YFF is an incredible springboard for up and coming Scottish talent in the wider network of the industry. 

Isabel Davies, Executive Director

 Screen Scotland

When submitting your application please be aware of the following criteria:


Is it an original project? Is the story clear and succinct?


Does the project have a clear audience?


Has the applicants work received significant recognition in the Film & TV industry in Scotland?


Will Young Films Foundation's support offer strong potential for significant project progression?

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